NBA 2K12 Ultimate Dribbling Tutorial: Crossovers & Ankle Breakers By ShakeDown2012

Learn how to finally beat your opponent off the dribble.

It's easier to perform these moves then it is to explain them spelled out in words. So again, if I make any mistakes, please help me out in the comments.

PS3 users, help each other out too.

0:26 Highlighting Isaiah Thomas
1:24 Spin Move
1:36 Around the Back
2:10 Size Up Crossover
3:31 Spin Move
4:01 Hesitation
4:36 Manual Crossovers
5:57 Triple Threat Moves
6:12 Killer Combo
6:40 In & Out Move
6:54 Step Back
7:40 Russel Westbrook Handles
7:59 Taking it to the streets
8:09 Melo Size up
8:32 Deron Williams vs Rajon Rondo
9:26 Rajon Rondo's Turn
10:42 Engaged Iso Crossover
12:25 Triple Threats by Kobe Bryant

I was once told, "if you spell a word wrong you're human. And if those you teach catch it, your audience is paying attention." – let's see who's paying attention.

Instrumental by ScottzillaMusic. SUBSCRIBE!



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