How to Break Ankles – Best Ankle Breaker Crossover Move Basketball How To Top 10

How to Break Ankles – Best Ankle Breaker Crossover Move Basketball How To Top 10

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How to break ankles – this is a tutorial of one of the best "ankle breaker" crossover moves in basketball and shows you how to make defenders fall like in the sickest top 10 highlight mixes.

Everyone wants to break ankles, but doing it isn't something that can be completely planned, however if you follow some important details you'll have a much better chance of crossing someone up nasty.

One of the keys is to get some good momentum going before going into a crossover move.

By getting some speed going you can make it more difficult for your defender to change directions, and this is what often causes them to go flying, trip over their own feet, have their knees or ankles buckle, or slip and fall – and that is how you break ankles.

If you can get speed going then abruptly change direction with your body and the basketball at the last second you'll have a good chance of getting a solid ankle breaker and even making a defender fall, just like in highlight mixtapes.

Also make sure you're putting in time to practice your handles, your crossover and your change of direction if you really want to be the best you can be at crossing up defenders in basketball.

I really hope this helped you learn how to break ankles!

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